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Jan 07 2022

Wifi connection through LED lights

Electricians, this one is for you! There is a new way to share data and it’s coming from those LED lights you’ve been installing and it’s called LiFi. This new technology, discovered in Scotland in 2011, hasn’t swept household...
Dec 16 2021

How CCDEX helps you

CCDEX is built for contractors to help save time and money on all their projects. The best part is that CCDEX has made the time and money savers FREE for all CCDEX users! So let’s check out what you get with your FREE account: Instant Messagin...
Dec 09 2021

Why Dielectric Unions are so Important

Without a dielectric union, your water heater is gonna look like an exploded battery! Why does that happen? As most of you plumbers already know, when you put two metals that are not the same together with water (an electrolyte) running through them...
Dec 02 2021

Why some construction companies go bust

Running a construction company is a lot of hard work, that’s why in a five year span up to 30% of construction businesses can go bust. It’s never really one thing that will break a construction company. Things like failing to plan can gre...