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Apr 21 2022

The History of the Hard Hat

Hard hats, we all wear them on site but how long have these life savers been around? The first project to make them mandatory was the Hoover Dam in 1931, with the Golden Gate Bridge not far behind in 1933. Edward W. Bullard, the son of a mining compa...
Apr 14 2022

PVC Galvanized and Cast Iron

This week we are capping off our pipe series with PVC galvanized and Cast Iron. Now we know there are lots more we can go into but we can always come back to those another week, so let's jump on in and start talking about the magic of PVC. This v...
Apr 07 2022

A deeper look at indoor pipes

As a plumber, you know that copper pipes are the most used because of their longevity and versatility for hot or cold. Not all of you are going to be great at soldering the copper pipe but that's what makes teamwork great! There are also fittings...
Mar 31 2022

A General talk about Pipes

We’re starting a small series on pipes this week. There's lots to know like why PEX isn't good for bigger scale projects or what's up with some of these old buildings with giant pipes. So let's dive in and start general with th...
Mar 24 2022

The Silent Supporter

All contractors need it so let's get into some key points about your contractors insurance. Depending on what kind of projects you manage, if you have employees, or where you’re working the coverage you need could be different. We’re...