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Dec 02 2021

Why some construction companies go bust

Running a construction company is a lot of hard work, that’s why in a five year span up to 30% of construction businesses can go bust. It’s never really one thing that will break a construction company. Things like failing to plan can gre...
Nov 25 2021

Wood Glues

There is a lot more to talk about with glue than you think! Different glues are going to do different things. Like an epoxy glue, that are two different chemicals put together to make a bond, aren't always going to work because you may not have t...
Nov 18 2021

More isn't always better

We all think that more is better when it comes to most things but that just isn’t the case. When it comes to staining your wood projects, this mindset is just a waste. The wood that you’re staining has a max absorption. This means that th...
Nov 11 2021

Why a 2x4 isn't really a 2x4

Most of us already know that a 2x4 isn’t really a 2x4, it’s more like 1½ by 3½. But does anyone really know why that is? We went on a hunt to get to the bottom of this construction mystery. One of the answers we found was th...
Nov 04 2021

What makes cedar so great?

Cedar is no longer just for grandma’s hope chest! With new construction incorporating raw edged and other wood features, we thought we’d get into why cedar is not only a beautiful addition to a space but also a smart one. It’s use i...