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More isn't always better

We all think that more is better when it comes to most things but that just isn’t the case. When it comes to staining your wood projects, this mindset is just a waste. The wood that you’re staining has a max absorption. This means that the wood can only take on so much stain. This depends on how dry the wood is to begin with and also the density of the wood you’re trying to stain. If you’re working with harder wood types, one coat of stain might just be more than enough. When the indications say 2-3 coats, it really is talking about those softer woods like cedar and fir, which usually only needs two coats. So make sure you watch the rag as you stain because by that 3rd coat you could just be wiping away a half can of stain. 

Check out this link to see more on the best wood stain techniques:

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