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Wood Glues

There is a lot more to talk about with glue than you think! Different glues are going to do different things. Like an epoxy glue, that are two different chemicals put together to make a bond, aren't always going to work because you may not have the ventilation, time, or clamps needed to get the desired bond. There are two main types of wood glue, cyanoacrylate (CA) and polyurethane are going to be used differently as the CA glue is runny and a bit messier and more of an industrial bond, making it less versatile. Polyurethane or that famous Gorilla Glue we all have a bottle of kicking around somewhere is not only more versatile because of its ease of use but also takes a bit longer to dry so you don’t run the risk of gluing yourself to a project. One thing to remember with polyurethane glue is that it works better when one of the surfaces is wet to start with no matter how counterintuitive that seems. Another tip for all glue is to remember to wipe the glue when you see it dripping, if you let it dry and try to chip away the excess it may affect the bond!

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