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Why some construction companies go bust

Running a construction company is a lot of hard work, that’s why in a five year span up to 30% of construction businesses can go bust. It’s never really one thing that will break a construction company. Things like failing to plan can greatly affect your company's ability to roll with the punches. Like knowing when certain materials need to be on site or when permits expire. Cash flow is another thing that can really throw a wrench into a company’s longevity. Like making sure you’re working within the spec and budget of a project will make sure you get paid for the work you’re doing. Lastly, the company's ability to adapt to the changing times. With so much technology available, innovation is key! Not everyone on your team is going to remember to submit timesheets on paper but if you had an app like CCDEX they would be able to do it right from their phones.


Check out the link below to see how CCDEX can help you manage all aspects of your business:


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