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Jan 19 2021

Video Game Tech in the Construction world

There is new technology coming out all the time but how often does that get into our tried and trusted ways of the construction industry? Not often, so when a new process like BIM (Building Information Modeling) comes around we pay attention! This pr...
Jan 13 2021

3D Printing in Construction

No this isn’t the Jetsons’ and Nicolas Cage isn’t gonna pop out looking like John Travolta but I tell you this is some cool futuristic business! 3D printing has already taken off in the Netherlands with a company purchasing a cement...
Dec 16 2020

Welcome to The CCDEX Blog

Welcome to the CCDEX blog! The place to be for all things tech in the construction industry. We saw a hole in the construction industry that no excavator could fill! There’s been a huge tech boom in a lot of industries but for some reason,...