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10 ways to beat the heat on a construction site

Summer has arrived and with that comes long hot days, so we’re gonna get into a way to keep your cool!

  1. Ice is your friend, so get out that thermos and fill it with ice water to help keep you cool.  
  2. Cut back on coffee and booze, cause they both can lead to dehydration. This includes those energy drinks. Look into a sports drink for those hotter days!
  3. Get good sunscreen. The spray-on ones are great as long as it’s not windy. Make sure you use it multiple times in the day especially when you’re sweating.
  4. Water is also your friend, start drinking it right when you get up in the morning so you’ve got a jumpstart on hydration, yes even before coffee!
  5. The clothes you wear can make a big difference, loose-fitting lighter clothes can help keep that body temperature down. 
  6. Take cover when you can! Staying out of the sun as much as possible with pop-up shelters and other covered work areas. 
  7. Remember that the human body does need to acclimatize to the weather. It can take a few days or a week to get your body up to speed with heat so take it easy when the mercury is rising! 
  8. Sweat and spray bottles help to keep you cool. The water or sweat will evaporate and cool down your skin temperature. Get a small spray bottle from a dollar store and keep it close so you can mist whenever needed. 
  9. Change your work hours if possible in the hotter months. Starting early when the temperature is lower and your crew is less to melt away.
  10. Know the warning signs of sunstroke and heat exhaustion like rapid pulse, goosebumps, headache, and confusion.

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