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Energy-Efficient Windows

Energy efficiency is an important thing for a lot of homeowners, so when you’re building a house for them windows are a great way to add to their energy savings total! Double or triple-pane windows have pretty much become the standard after the introduction of Energy Star guidelines in 2001.  There are a couple of ways that these windows can become more energy-efficient, like with Low-emissive(LoE)  Coating. This coating not only helps decrease the amount of heat lost through the glass but also helps to block UV rays that can create sun damage on furniture and flooring. The other big energy saver with windows is the gas-injected glass. This is when orderless non-toxic Argon and Krypton gases are injected between the triple panes of glass. It not only helps by creating extra insulation but also to eliminate the possibility of condensation between the panes. Lastly, the key to great energy efficiency with windows is proper installation! Make sure to limit the amount of expanding foams and sealants to create a good fit, they’re not super waterproof and can lead to issues sooner than later with windows. 

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