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Gutter Guards

We’re still talking about the roofs this week but we thought we’d get messy and talk gutter guards! Cleaning gutters is a messy and dangerous job so the best way to tackle that is to not have to get up there and take care of them as often. There are a lot of options for gutter guards but we are going to take a look at 3 of the most reliable and popular options. Mesh is a great option for houses in areas that don’t have pine needles or other small debris falling which can sometimes turn gutters into rooftop gardens. The great thing about mesh is it‘s the least expensive as well as the easiest to install. Mesh can be found at most hardware stores and with a drill can be installed in an afternoon depending on roof design. Speaking of roof design, that's one big thing to consider before going with the mesh option because if the roof is steep or there are a lot of corners this option may not work as well. If it is a more complex roof you’re dealing with, looking at the following options might be what’s needed instead. Leaf Guard is an awesome product that is a full system with gutters and a guard. It is going to cost a bit more with professional installation and purchase of the name brand system. What we’ve read about the knock-off systems is that they don’t work as well and it’s harder to find replacement parts if something does happen to the gutters so make sure to go with the brand “Leaf Guard” who still has the patent or the system. Finally, we have the best option: micro-mesh! It is less expensive than the Leaf Guard system as well as easier to install, not to mention it stops all sizes of leaves and debris. If you go with this micro mesh look for the kind that can be screwed right into the fascia of the roofline which will increase the strength of the gutter.


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