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Roofing Materials

Here on the west coast it’s roofing season again, so let's take a look at some of the more popular roofing options for the area. Asphalt is definitely the most common type of roofing you’ll find on any home. This is not only because asphalt is the least expensive for initial investment but also because it makes for easy DIY repairs. They also have a great selection of colours to choose from as well as great fire protection. This cost effective roof does have a few downsides, like warping in rapid temperature changes or even if the attic isn’t ventilated properly, along with higher long term costs due to the lifetime of these roofs lasting about 20-30 years. Now looking at metal roofing that can last up to100 years, you can see why it is the better long term investment. The cost savings continue with cooling your home because metal roofs don't absorb as much heat from the sun. There is also an environmentally friendly impact from choosing this style of roofing because the metal can be recycled when being replaced. There are a couple of small downsides to metal roofing like it can become dented, which is more costly to replace, as well as if there is no attic the noise from rainfall can be quite loud. Lastly, let's take a look at shake or shingle roofing. This a great option for the rustic look and redwood and cedar have natural insect and moisture repellent properties. These roofs tend to last longer than the commonly used asphalt shingles so look at the cost over time before investing, as well as the repairs are a bit easier than metal roofing. The down side to these is they do have a lower fire rating and are not allowed in certain areas that are prone to wildfires. Shingle and shake roofs will also change colour over time and can become stained if not treated properly with the right stains.

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