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The New Canadian Concrete

Move aside 3D printing and welcome Lightweight Concrete Solutions! Canadians Matt Boehler and Chris Calvin are part of a group that’s created the world's lightest and most durable concrete. An unfortunate accident caused Calvin to have some extra time off from working with concrete, so he got to work on coming up with this great innovation. Along with it’s lightweight this concrete is also less likely to crack during curing because it puts off less heat. This means smaller beams so there may be more square footage available in high rises built with it. Lightweight Concrete Solutions is  now in the works of being patented in 91 countries and here’s the kicker… Mike Holmes is also one of the directors of this fantastic new company!

When talking about the innovative concrete Calvin is quoted as saying "It was a lot of trial and error with trying different materials, making it light was easy. Making it strong, resistant, now, that was that that was the ticket. We had no problems making it light. However, we didn't have any compressive strength with it. And it was a combination of luck and mistake that Matt and I figured it out.”


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