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May 07 2021

How to choose the best deck stain

Since last week's blog was all about decking materials we thought y'all would wanna know what the best stains are for those pressure treated and cedar decks since up here in the pacific northwest they tend to be the most common. A good deck s...
Apr 27 2021

Decking Materials 101

It’s deck building season so we thought let's take a closer look and with so many options for decking materials now it’s hard to know which is the best choice for a deck. Some materials are very low maintenance but may not have the lo...
Apr 22 2021

Prefabrication, a fabulous way to build

Before there was 3D printing there was a fabulous fad called prefabrication! But first, let's not get it twisted here today we are talking prefab, and not it's a sub-category of modular! Modular means it will include electric plumbing etc whi...
Apr 15 2021

Smart Homes

Smart homes are becoming more and more popular and it’s not just because the cost of updating to a smart home is way more affordable. The conveniences of being able to have lights go off when a room is empty or the front door unlocking when the...
Apr 09 2021

How to hire and keep the best crew

In construction finding the best person to fit with your crew can take weeks never mind the time you lose as a business owner doing interviews and reading through resumes. Schools, apprenticeships, and word of mouth definitely help to find someone bu...