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Gas Heating

With the great rebates from FortisBC, natural gas has become quite popular in the last decade or so. We all love eliminating a mess by using those wonderful gas fireplaces that turn on from a light switch, but if you look at the type of home you’re heating it may not be the most cost effective choice. We’ve all heard that gas heating is the least expensive way to heat but the thing about gas heating we don’t understand is that a lot of the time it is compared to baseboard electric heat and not heat pumps. So looking into each heat source and its perks is a must! Gas heating can be less expensive if you're using a furnace instead of those wonderfully inexpensive-to-install, yet pricey-to-run, baseboard heaters. Gas heating is also great for heating with fireplaces and furnaces in those bigger, older homes because those houses tend to be a bit leakier. All of these great things about gas heating are only true if the cost of natural gas stays low, not to mention the carbon taxes that the government has been putting on fossil fuels. 

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