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Wood stoves and Fireplaces

Wood stoves or fireplaces seem to be making a comeback as electric bills rise and the use of fossil fuels becomes more outdated. The great look of a nice chimney and mantle also adds value to a home. It’s not just the cozy romance of these heating units that make them so appealing. For many homeowners using a sustainable resource like wood is a must. Another great thing is that ducting systems can be installed to help heat from the woodstove be distributed throughout the home, not to mention the great perk of being able to heat and cook on the right insert or stove when the power goes out. Yes, this can be a labor-intensive way to heat if you are cutting splitting, and stacking the wood yourself but there are lots of local businesses that have deals with forestry companies to come in, remove, and sell the wood that won’t be used. There are also a great number of hardware stores that rent out log splitters so this heat source is no longer the backbreaker it once was. 

Here are a couple of links on the perks of wood stoves:

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