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Mar 18 2022

Nickel, the backbone of stainless steel

All this talk about nickel prices made our ears perk up because it’s 26% of stainless steel, making it one of the best alloys. Yes, nickel was used way more in construction in the 1920s and 30s with an alloy called monel. After the second world...
Mar 08 2022

What to look out for this Spring

With spring fast approaching that means a lot for construction. We’re not just talking about longer workdays because we get more light! Temperatures are shifting between 12C and 2C, which means you might see that some of the tasks are NOT going...
Mar 03 2022

Hammer Time

It’s hammer time and we’re not talking 90s hip hop! There is a huge range of hammers to choose from depending on your job. An electrician will use a hammer with rubber coating and fiberglass handle whereas a framer would use a heavier ver...
Feb 24 2022

what makes a nail the best nail for the job?

A hammer and nails are the simplest way to construct almost anything but are you using the right nail for the job? Not all nails are created equal, some may damage the wood you're using or even make for a less stable finished product. Nails can b...
Feb 17 2022

How to handle pandemic supply chain issues

This week we are keeping on with our thoughts of how the last two years have affected the construction industry. Things like windows, copper, mechanical equipment, steel and so much more are usually made overseas, so no wonder the biggest thing hitti...