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Mar 25 2021

Solar Roofing

Solar roofing tiles are a great way to update your roof while adding value to your home but are they a better option than traditional solar panels on top of your regular roofing? With more than a dozen different companies coming out with new solar ti...
Mar 19 2021

1st 3D Printed house in America

It’s official the very 1st 3D printed house is for sale in Riverhead, N.Y. The company SQ4D has created 14,000 square feet of beautiful living space, not to mention the 750 square foot two-car garage! This home also comes with a 50-year warrant...
Mar 11 2021

The Boot Debate

Today we’re looking at why not all boots are created equal. How come some boots will last you over a year and others fall apart within a couple of months? The quality of the boot is a big part of that but the other side is were the boots you&rs...
Mar 05 2021

Constructions response to COVID 19

In British Columbia there are roughly 220,00 people working in construction and 183,000 of those who couldn’t work from home, so let’s take a look at how those who are still onsite have adjusted to the changes and new regulations due to C...