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Sep 17 2021

Monkey Wrench, the tool with many names

Why is it called a Monkey Wrench? Well some say it’s named for the man who invented it in the late 1800’s, Charles Monk, which has been debunked. The name Monkey Wrench for an adjustable wrench was already a common term by the time Charle...
Sep 10 2021

How to add a professional touch to your bids

At CCDEX we are all about saving contractors time and money so this week we’re showing you an easy way to do just that, with something as simple as a letterhead for your business. A letterhead is a template that is used in a lot of industries f...
Sep 03 2021

Micro Wind Turbines for Homes

When most people think of a wind turbine they’re thinking of a big wind farm, but what about the smaller ones that can be installed on those homes that just don’t get enough sun or maybe the owners don’t want to deal with solar roof...
Aug 20 2021

How to up your bid game.

Bidding on jobs is a big part of the work you do so this week we thought we would give you a few tips on how to up your bidding game! Update your pricing. With the cost of goods and labour changing so much in the last couple of years, it’s...
Aug 13 2021

Want to know what you get with a FREE account?

CCDEX is built for contractors to save them time and money on all their projects. The best part is that the time and money savers are FREE for all CCDEX users! So let’s check out what you get with a FREE account: Instant messaging allows you...