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Jul 23 2021

Wood Vinyl or Aluminum Frames?

We’re finishing up our series on windows this week by getting into the frame! There are more options now than ever before for window frames, so how do you know which is going to fit best with your budget and style? Let’s break it down for...
Jul 16 2021

Tips for how to get the best window fit

Since we’ve already got you thinking about windows, let's frame that in and get talking about installation! The old hat of measure twice and cut once even goes for window installations! This means verifying measurements before you start so...
Jul 08 2021

Energy-Efficient Windows

Energy efficiency is an important thing for a lot of homeowners, so when you’re building a house for them windows are a great way to add to their energy savings total! Double or triple-pane windows have pretty much become the standard after the...
Jul 01 2021

10 ways to beat the heat on a construction site

Summer has arrived and with that comes long hot days, so we’re gonna get into a way to keep your cool! Ice is your friend, so get out that thermos and fill it with ice water to help keep you cool. Cut back on coffee and booze, cause they both...
Jun 24 2021

Gutter Guards

We’re still talking about the roofs this week but we thought we’d get messy and talk gutter guards! Cleaning gutters is a messy and dangerous job so the best way to tackle that is to not have to get up there and take care of them as often...