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Oct 22 2021

Gas Heating

With the great rebates from FortisBC, natural gas has become quite popular in the last decade or so. We all love eliminating a mess by using those wonderful gas fireplaces that turn on from a light switch, but if you look at the type of home you&rsqu...
Oct 07 2021

Can electric heat be as inexpensive as natural gas?

Is electric heat as expensive to heat a home as you think? Lots of people assume that electric heat is going to be the most expensive but looking at passive homes, heat pumps, and baseboard heaters, electric heat can be as inexpensive or even less ex...
Sep 30 2021

Wood stoves and Fireplaces

Wood stoves or fireplaces seem to be making a comeback as electric bills rise and the use of fossil fuels becomes more outdated. The great look of a nice chimney and mantle also adds value to a home. It’s not just the cozy romance of these heat...
Sep 24 2021

Lets Talk Heat

With winter on its way, we wanted to freshen up our knowledge of home heating options with our series on heat. There are a lot of options available but not all heating options work great for every home. If you’ve got a passive house with less s...
Sep 17 2021

Monkey Wrench, the tool with many names

Why is it called a Monkey Wrench? Well some say it’s named for the man who invented it in the late 1800’s, Charles Monk, which has been debunked. The name Monkey Wrench for an adjustable wrench was already a common term by the time Charle...