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Apr 15 2021

Smart Homes

Smart homes are becoming more and more popular and it’s not just because the cost of updating to a smart home is way more affordable. The conveniences of being able to have lights go off when a room is empty or the front door unlocking when the...
Apr 09 2021

How to hire and keep the best crew

In construction finding the best person to fit with your crew can take weeks never mind the time you lose as a business owner doing interviews and reading through resumes. Schools, apprenticeships, and word of mouth definitely help to find someone bu...
Apr 01 2021

The cost of Lumber in 2021

Lumber prices have gone up 130% since April of 2020. Can we blame this all on COVID 19 or are there other factors at play here? Yeah, there have been a ton of people fixing up their homes while on lockdown and maybe they built a deck or a treehouse f...
Mar 25 2021

Solar Roofing

Solar roofing tiles are a great way to update your roof while adding value to your home but are they a better option than traditional solar panels on top of your regular roofing? With more than a dozen different companies coming out with new solar ti...
Mar 19 2021

1st 3D Printed house in America

It’s official the very 1st 3D printed house is for sale in Riverhead, N.Y. The company SQ4D has created 14,000 square feet of beautiful living space, not to mention the 750 square foot two-car garage! This home also comes with a 50-year warrant...