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Solar Roofing

Solar roofing tiles are a great way to update your roof while adding value to your home but are they a better option than traditional solar panels on top of your regular roofing? With more than a dozen different companies coming out with new solar tiles and almost all boasting up to 4x times the durability of regular roofing tiles the answer might be yes... Solar roofing tiles are not only stronger but will pay for themselves over time with the money you’ll be saving on your power bill not to mention the green points you score by being solar-powered. The drawback though is that solar tiles are quite pricey. If you go with the best looking Telsa tiles it can set you back about $40,000, not to mention the possibility of having to build a whole new roof. Some other companies have designed their tiles to be integrated right into your current asphalt or other roof tiles so it may not be as pretty but you’d be saving money in more than one area of your new roof. Lastly, there are the traditional solar panels that are most inexpensive but all are designed to be installed on top of your current roof saving a lot more time money, and stress. 


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