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How to hire and keep the best crew

In construction finding the best person to fit with your crew can take weeks never mind the time you lose as a business owner doing interviews and reading through resumes. Schools, apprenticeships, and word of mouth definitely help to find someone but once you’ve got them hired how do you make sure you keep the crew you’ve got? Let’s get into some tips and tricks to help train and keep your crew strong!


Initial training is CRUCIAL! This sets the bar for what your expectations will be for the new person. Clearly laying out everything from job site regulations to how to submit a timesheet properly gets the newbie set up for success. So take time before your next new hire and make a list of all the things that need to be done or even ask your last newbie what you left out when they started.


Keeping your team up to date with new technology, bylaws, codes, equipment, and company policies is essential to employee retention and onsite cost savings. Workplace satisfaction is a result of people feeling like they know what they are doing and can trust their boss, which means they stay at a job longer. This is a simple as monthly meetings or regular check-ins with crews on site.


Regular reviews and raises are not only a requirement in some regions but are also a great way to boost morale and get the scoop on what’s happening with your business when you’re not around. This also lets you see where your team needs help with the jobs they’re doing or shows you what they’re great at. Reviews can give you an opportunity to get feedback about how you’re doing as a boss as well. If you don’t have the time to make up a standardized review for your company you can always look up some review formats online. 


 Lastly, look at training as a long-term investment for your business. Poorly trained employees equal low-quality work which means you may have to go back in and do work over again. It also means slower work because it’s taking the newbie longer to learn new skills and what is expected of them at your company 


All in all, what does this add up to? Your construction company putting out better work, spending less money, and happier employees. 


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