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Smart Homes

Smart homes are becoming more and more popular and it’s not just because the cost of updating to a smart home is way more affordable. The conveniences of being able to have lights go off when a room is empty or the front door unlocking when the owner gets close is creating ease in many people’s busy lives. There are also smart home functions that can increase safety like calling the fire department and lighting a safe pathway out of the house if a fire is detected. So how much would this set a homeowner back if they wanted some upgrades? Well that all depends, do they want a Jetsons style home where everything is done by movement and voice command? That’ll set them back up to the hundreds of thousands of dollars or they could go smaller with an app and a few adaptors that would only cost a couple of hundred dollars. Now before a homeowner goes and invests this money they should also look at the potential savings they could get from the upgrades. Energy bills have been seen going down as much as third with smart homes because the lights the kids left on get turned off, that TV that’s not in use shuts down, temperature control from the phone means Dad gets to keep that thermostat where he wants it. If that isn’t a great selling point I dunno what is!

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