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Prefabrication, a fabulous way to build

Before there was 3D printing there was a fabulous fad called prefabrication! But first, let's not get it twisted here today we are talking prefab, and not it's a sub-category of modular! Modular means it will include electric plumbing etc which is a type of prefabrication. So let's get into some of the reasons why prefab is so fabulous. Prefab manufacturers are able to get a good deal on buying bulk building supplies so adding this to your construction project can help save money in the long run never mind the cost-saving from less waste. Delays because of weather are drastically reduced by not having to create walls or other build components onsite. The quality of the build is more consistent due to factory-build components. Fewer trucks and equipment on-site due to the need for fewer supplies creates more flow. It also helps with the labor shortages the construction industry is facing by being able to build with fewer people on site. Lastly, did we mention that prefab is also better environmentally? Well, it is because waste is cut down, less shipping needs to happen as well as fewer pollutants and dust on site.

For more on prefabrication check out the links below!,site%20to%20create%20a%20structure.

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