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What makes cedar so great?

Cedar is no longer just for grandma’s hope chest! With new construction incorporating raw edged and other wood features, we thought we’d get into why cedar is not only a beautiful addition to a space but also a smart one. It’s use in home building has been a staple of the west coast for centuries, starting with the indigenous people of the area not only using it in structures but also clothing and baskets. It’s generally a tree that grows straight and tall with minimal warping due to temperature or moisture changes. A support beam feature is ideal with cedar. There’s also that great smell that you get from it that doesn’t just warm up a room, it also helps with moth prevention so using it in a closet is a handy idea. It is great for outdoor features such as shingles and posts. All in all, it’s the heartwood that gives cedar its great colour, scent, durability, and repellency. The heartwood is the central part of the tree that is more dense, which creates the great rot resistance that builders are looking for.

For more on Cedar and it’s great features check out the link below:

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