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PVC Galvanized and Cast Iron

This week we are capping off our pipe series with PVC galvanized and Cast Iron. Now we know there are lots more we can go into but we can always come back to those another week, so let's jump on in and start talking about the magic of PVC. This versatile pipe can not only be used indoors or outdoors but depending on its designation can be used for everything from potable water to drainage. Always remember that if you are using it for water, NSF-PW or NSF-61 means it complies with health standards. Lastly, as we all know PVC is drainage and CPVC has got you covered for those domestic water needs. Galvanized pipes used to be the standard back in the day but nobody likes turning on a tap to find rust in their water, so it’s mostly used now for gray water transport or the non-potable water. For underground pipes or water distribution cast iron is where it’s at. These piping giants were used a lot in older homes so you won't see as many in smaller residential settings anymore, but are used a lot in condos or apartment buildings. They are great for high-pressure flow or garbage disposals because of their durability.

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