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A deeper look at indoor pipes

As a plumber, you know that copper pipes are the most used because of their longevity and versatility for hot or cold. Not all of you are going to be great at soldering the copper pipe but that's what makes teamwork great! There are also fittings that can be done with this gem of a pipe that can make it hard to handle, as well as the price point of copper at the moment. If you’re looking for a less expensive, easier to install, indoor option, you can always go for PEX piping but make sure it’s only in those smaller businesses or residential water distribution indoors, as the UV light can really wreak havoc on the plastic these pipes are made of. Lastly this week we are looking at stainless steel pipes which are the most expensive of the three and usually used in finishings or visible piping, due to its luster and anti corrosion. You’ll need some special couplings to attach this pipe to other kinds of metal but that’s ok, because it does come in rigid or flexible piping in lots of sizes so it can work almost anywhere. We’ll go into some of those bigger supply pipes next week so come on back!


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