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A General talk about Pipes

We’re starting a small series on pipes this week. There's lots to know like why PEX isn't good for bigger scale projects or what's up with some of these old buildings with giant pipes.  So let's dive in and start general with these pipes. There are Galvanized, copper, PVC, PEX, brass, cast iron or stainless steel pipes available for all your plumbing needs. Usually, you’re going to see those cast-iron pipes in big older buildings or for water supply because they can handle the pressure. You’re not going to splurge on stainless steel unless you need the power of anti-corrosion but for simple water hot or cold copper or PVC is where it’s at. Brass is on deck when it comes to wells and water tanks just make sure it’s 67-80% copper to avoid rust. This is just the beginning so check back next week where we get into some more details on these tubular plumbing necessities!

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