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The Silent Supporter

All contractors need it so let's get into some key points about your contractors insurance. 

Depending on what kind of projects you manage, if you have employees, or where you’re working the coverage you need could be different. We’re talking about general liability, business liability, tool insurance, auto insurance or Workers Compensation. These types of insurance cover you for everything from spilt paint on a carpet to tools ruined in a crash up to you breaking your hand on the site the day you finished. Insurance can also help get loans for those bigger projects because banks can see that you’re covered if anything goes wrong.  Keep in mind, it’s best to work with professionals or get advice on these things and not just go with the cheapest online solution because you may not be fully covered by your region's regulations but you may also be missing a key element like tool insurance or get stuck with stingy coverage with high deductibles. 


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