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Time Management made easy

We’ve all heard the phrase work smarter not harder but what does that really mean?  At CCDEX we think of it as optimal time management, as in you’re not productive just because you’re busy. In the construction industry, your day or week can change in an instant and without the right tools, you can be left scrambling trying to change schedules while getting a hold of your crew or sub-trades! We’ve found a couple of solutions for you and no it’s not just downloading our FREE app! 


  1. Look at learning about time management as a long-term investment in you and your company’s productivity. Yeah, it may take a bit of time to learn a new program but once you’ve nailed it how much time overall are you saving?
  2. Use the features of the programs and apps, like when you’re scheduling tasks in CCDEX use the dependency feature so if the windows don’t come in on time rescheduling their installation not only updates the tasks that can’t happen until they’re in, it also automatically notifies your crew that the schedule has changed!
  3. Do the annoying or more difficult stuff first! This way you’re starting out with a fresh brain and also have the perk of not having to see those annoying things on today’s to-do list being pushed to tomorrow or the next day.
  4. Take breaks! Plowing through everything might seem like the best choice cause you’re already on a roll but getting up and doing a short lap of the site or office can help your brain work better.
  5. Download the CCDEX app today! Not only do our features help you reduce unpaid time, stops lost messages, and gets your crew’s timesheets in it’s also free and super easy to use!

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