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LiDAR what is it?


You heard about LiDAR in our drones blog but did you really get what it is other than it sounds a heck of a lot like radar? So let’s take a deep dive into this new tech being used on construction sites around the world. Radar is simply just the use of radio waves being pushed out that then uses the speed of those radio waves bouncing back to show us where something is. LiDAR does essentially the same thing but uses laser beams at about a million pulses per second to create a 3D image of whatever it’s scanning. With the advancement of technology LiDAR systems have gotten smaller and smaller so they no longer have to be attached to the bottoms of planes but can now be attached to tripods of surveyors or even drones to get bird eye scans of a potential build footprint. This is also awesome tech because the information picked up by LiDAR can then be easily sent away to engineers and other professionals working on the project. 


Check out the link below to read more on LiDAR

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