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CCDEX & Covid 19 - Keep your distance without losing touch with your crew or your company.


CCDEX is here to help you get your construction projects done on time from a distance while saving you money. The features of CCDEX are designed with YOU the contractor in mind so you can work from your computer or on your phone, wherever you are, whenever the work needs to get done! 


How do these features help you keep your bubble small while getting the job done?


  • Instant messaging allows you to stay connected to your crew and the job site with images and group conversations so there is no need for sending the same message over and over.
  • Timesheets are a breeze. We have timesheets with time lock so your crew knows when they’re due and can submit it right from their phone! The best part is it’s as easy as setting an alarm.
  • Job Bid conversations can happen in app with reviews and portfolios of the tradesperson you’re looking to hire. So no more guessing if they’re as good as they say they are!
  • Group settings in the CCCEX app allow all aspects of your business to keep working even when keeping your distance is a must!  Your business managers can bid, quote, and manage jobs where ever they are. Setting up your bookkeeper or finance manager allows them access to all the timesheets and reports so there no more lost reports or emails to hunt down.
  • Managing projects from the trade dashboard makes it so new tasks get assigned to your crew or trades without delay!


Yes, we saved the best part for last... All this is FREE and it takes less than 5 minutes to get you and your company signed up so click the link below and join FREE today! 

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