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Smart Hard Hats

Increase workflow as well as improve safety… this sounds like a construction site dream and it’s coming true before our very eyes! Smart hard hats are making their way into jobs sites from a handful of different companies. Wakecap, a Dubai based company got its start when the founder had his own workplace fall and came up with the brilliant idea of the smart hard hat. This hard hat also tracks workers’ productivity and has software to analyze the data coming in from little anchors (data collectors or hotspots) placed around the construction site. This gives you the ability to compare the hours your team is inputting to the hours the hard hat is inputting giving you an opportunity for an in the moment conversation about productivity! Wakecap boasts no training is needed to use their software as it was developed to be user friendly. A Japanese company, Shimabun has a device that fits into your tried and true old hard hat that can track the on-site safety of workers like light-headedness, overheating, and even if a crew member falls! Lantronix Inc. also has a smart hard hat that has microphones, sensors, and cameras that relay information to a command center but the best part is the name, Gaurdhat!  All of these devices allow you to track where your crew is so that if something does happen you’re able to find them faster as well as help to keep the crew out of dangerous zones not to mention the contact tracing throughout the day in case any crew tests positive for Covid19. Check out the links below for more on these awesome new hardhats!

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