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Drones in Construction

     A 239 % increase in use is pretty astounding no matter what technology we’re talking about! So why is it that drones have done what no other tech has been able to in the construction industry? Aside from the obvious ability to get a birds-eye view of job sites in order to check overall progress, there are plenty of great uses for drones. Firstly,  I’m sure it’s a wicked good time being able to fly a mini-helicopter around to pick up data! Secondly, there is a heck of a lot more going on than just plain old video and pictures. There are different attachments with the ability to sense gas, thermal, and moisture as well as LiDar (Light Detection and Ranging) AKA laser beams that measure different levels of earth. The LiDAR is amazing because on those huge projects where cut and fill needs to take place the drone is able to get super accurate readings of how much cut is in one area that needs to be moved to fill other areas making the land level.  The other great thing about drones using LiDar is that the data collection can be input into BIM to help with the design process which cuts time and the possibility of error due to the accuracy of the readings. ( to learn more about BIM check out our video game tech in the construction industry blog). The gas thermal and moisture readings are not only great during construction but are also used for inspection and maintenance which helps to cut costs as well because of the speed and accuracy of those readings. All in all, drones are being used so much because they’re decreasing costs and increasing productivity while providing more accurate surveying, as well as making it way easier to inspect and maintain buildings!   


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