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Video Game Tech in the Construction world

There is new technology coming out all the time but how often does that get into our tried and trusted ways of the construction industry? Not often, so when a new process like BIM (Building Information Modeling) comes around we pay attention! This process is not only saving time and money on projects it’s also really freaking cool!

BIM is a process or the use of a bunch of different tools like Revit and 3D scans that take the design process from a flat set of traditional plans to a multilayered set of 3D drawings! These drawings can have all aspects of the building on them, from ventilation to interior design. This enables professionals at the design level, like the electrical engineers to work on the same model as the architect so changes to building plans can happen in real-time in 3D. This also helps out a lot in the construction stage because the 3D modeling will show when the ducting won’t fit in the ceiling allowance or when windows don’t fit their frames!


Now here is where it gets really cool! Using the same technology that is used to map out worlds within a video game BIM is able to map out a building so that with a virtual reality headset architects, general contractors, and their clients are able to walk through buildings in their final design stages. This is making build times shorter because there are fewer mishaps to deal with on-site.


So is this fancy tech going to make it to the average construction company anytime soon? Odds are you may have worked on a big project that is already using it! According to the NBS BIM 2020 report use of this technology has gone up from 13% in 2011 to 73% in 2020. 


To learn more watch the Ted talk below.

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