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Constructions response to COVID 19

In British Columbia there are roughly 220,00 people working in construction and 183,000 of those who couldn’t work from home, so let’s take a look at how those who are still onsite have adjusted to the changes and new regulations due to COVID 19. With the strength of the construction industry’s onsite work safety, implementing the regulations due to COVID 19  was less of an obstacle than it was for other essential industries. It also helps that the early phases of construction are outside and laborers are able to work in more open spaces allowing them to keep their distance. Some ways sites have changed are; crews have split into night and day shifts, others use work pods to help minimize risks of exposure, as well as some using forced air respirators when distancing isn’t an option. Sites have now also got extra handwashing stations and no-touch thermometers that are essential to help decrease the risks to crews onsite. On the other hand, slowed supply chains due to manufacturing closures, lack of raw goods, and diminished transport have also contributed to decreased onsite productivity. Lastly, there has also been a boom in zoom calls and the use of other tech platforms to allow for contractors to keep better in touch with trades and clients. 


For all up-to-date COVID-19 information refer to your local public health authorities.


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