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How to talk to the client that low-balls your bids

No matter the size of your construction business you’re always going to have that client who doesn’t understand why a price point is what it is on a project. They may try and low ball you or get frustrated with the cost of their project.  So before you lose your cool and maybe lose a client here are a few things to consider:


  • Have they ever done any construction before? 

  • Are they aware of how inflated the prices of construction supplies are at the moment?

  • Do they take into account the cost of purchasing the tools needed to get the job done?

  • Are they aware of how much time goes into planning, getting supplies, set up, take down, waste disposal and others? 

  • How many years of experience are you bringing to the project? How much know-how and efficiency does that bring?

  • Are they older? They may not know how much the cost of things has gone up in the last few years. This also may be an issue if the client hasn’t ever done renos or hasn’t done them in a while.


Remember people just want to know what's going on with their project. The more you can tell them why something is the way it is the easier it will be on you to do the best job possible on any project.


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