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How to choose the best deck stain

Since last week's blog was all about decking materials we thought y'all would wanna know what the best stains are for those pressure treated and cedar decks since up here in the pacific northwest they tend to be the most common. A good deck stain should last 3-5 years. The same stain could be used on a fence or siding and last longer because there's a bit less wear and tear. So,  let's get into what to look for when getting stains for cedar or non-treated wood. One thing to consider when choosing a deck stain is if you’re into seeing the wood grain or not. Semi-transparent and semi-solid stains are going to let you see the wood while giving a long-lasting finish like the TWP 100 Series stain. Another thing to think about is if you’re in a bit of a rush to get this done and need your stain to be applied when the wood isn’t 100% dry then Restore-A-Deck is what you’re looking for. Now for a solid finish where you won't see the wood, you could go for a Defy Extreme solid stain or the Restore-A-Deck stain.


Now when we get into the pressure-treated woods remember the chemicals are there to stop bugs from eating the wood not to stop the sun and weather. The other thing to remember is that pressure-treated wood can resist stains so you need to wait a while for the wood to essentially dry out so that it can absorb the stain. Once you’ve waited a few months make sure to clean the wood properly because dirt and other things can also stop the even absorption of the stain.  


For  more information on deck stains check out these links:

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