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Wood Vinyl or Aluminum Frames?

We’re finishing up our series on windows this week by getting into the frame! There are more options now than ever before for window frames, so how do you know which is going to fit best with your budget and style? Let’s break it down for you from airtight construction to the lowest maintenance. 

Vinyl: These frames have a high R-value so they’re better for saving on energy efficiency and are lower maintenance because they won’t need a fresh coat of paint, just a bit of soapy water. This means there is no rust or rot to deal with either! The downside is that they can be more expensive on the custom creation side as well as a bit less desirable for resale. 

Aluminum: This frame will give you those custom windows at a lower cost point because they’re more easily made. They’ve got a bit of a downside though, with aluminum conducting heat more it can cause condensation. There are ways to decrease the condensation with spacers made of non-conducting materials such as wood. 

Wood: These are the super insulators but will need a bit more maintenance to keep up their high quality. They will cost more initially but generally add value to a home. 

Wood-Clad: A wood frame with vinyl or aluminum cladding makes this an ideal window frame. The trick to making them work their best is to have a great waterproof seal to stop the wood from rotting. 

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