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Welcome to The CCDEX Blog

 Welcome to the CCDEX blog! The place to be for all things tech in the construction industry. 


We saw a hole in the construction industry that no excavator could fill! There’s been a huge tech boom in a lot of industries but for some reason, the construction industry has been left out especially with smaller companies. At CCDEX we are committed to making construction tech that is approachable, easy to use and most of all works for you and your business no matter the size. So let me introduce you to the CCDEX app...


CCDEX app gives you the opportunity to find the best subcontractors in your area with reviews and portfolios so you know who you’re hiring. The timesheet reports allow you to look at where you’re spending your labor without a bunch of run-around because it takes seconds to generate reports. The task and shared calendars break the communication barriers down by sending your crew a message as soon as the task is assigned as well as when it’s scheduled. Sharing files and pictures couldn’t be easier with instant messaging. The job bid process is streamlined by integrating the job bid conversation right into your CCDEX inbox.


I could keep going about the awesome features but since it’s free why not go and check it out for yourself and start your next project with CCDEX?