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How to find the best work pants

Today we’re continuing on with our work pants conversation by talking about how to pick the best pair for you! So here are a few tips on how to pick the best fit:


  1. Stretchy fabric will give you movement and a better fit. 

  2. Where will you be wearing them? If you have more places than the site to go in your work pants, looking at a darker fabric or more professional style can help make that transition easier.

  3. Pockets may seem trivial but having tool hoops and pockets can save you on trips or searching for tools.

  4. Knee protection can stop you from having to replace your pants more often. Carhartt and some other brands come with double layers in the front but some also come with extra knee protection - so look at those if you’re wearing out your pants in the front legs.

  5. Gussets, now this may seem obsolete until you’ve tried it. Having a diamond shaped piece of fabric in the crotch of your pants helps you move better and also decreases wear on your pants by pulling differently on the fabric.

  6. Ripstop fabric is pretty self explanatory but can help increase the life of your work pants.

  7. Cut and style are important, not just for how they look but also how you’re going to feel in the pants. So if you’re a more narrow person go for Carhartts and if you’re a bit on the wider side look at some Wranglers

  8. The most important thing to remember is how comfortable you feel in the pants, so make sure you try them on and wear them around a bit if you have never worn that brand or style before. 


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